The 13th Victress Awards in Berlin

A strong award for strong women!    On Monday, 09th April 2018, the Victress Awards Gala took place in Berlin and Attilus Caviar was provided for the tasting. It is a wonderful day in Berlin. It is beautiful weather and...

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Easter at Attilus Caviar

Save 11% discount in the Easter time. Just enter 2018OSTERN at the checkout!* Easter is the time of awakening: The nature is waking up from hibernation and brings family and friends together at one table to celebrate the comming summer....

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Valentine's Day with Attilus Caviar

Caviar by Attilus for a very special Valentine's Day Each couple looks back on at least one or even more special memories of their time together. This may be the first date, the first kiss, or just moments and memories...

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